The Spiritridge PTSA has to raise funds each and every school year in order to maintain and expand the large number of programs that we fund. Donations are very important, since our PTSA Programs cost money, like field trips, microscopes and accelerated math. With donations, we also have options that can work for all families:
These options are great for the PTSA, and result in cash that we can use to fund PTSA programs for our kids and teachers. Cash donations can be a great option for parents looking for a tax deduction, whereas the rewards programs are really good for everyone, since they are quick and easy. We all need to buy groceries and gas, and you may have already planned on buying a book or shopping for the holidays on Amazon. The collections are a great way to take advantage of corporations donating money to schools.  They take a little time and effort to clip and collect, but don't cost you anything.