Shop with Scrip
Scrip is another great way you can earn money for Spiritridge. The scrip program enables you to buy gift cards from popular stores in return for a payment to the PTSA. You pay the same amount for your products, but are effectively donating, via scrip, to your PTSA in the process. That's Win-Win! 
How does it work? 
You buy gift cards for your favorite stores and services and Spiritridge receives a specific percentage back from your purchase.  You pay the face value of the gift card, and the companies pay Spiritridge.  The list of companies is quite extensive, including Safeway and Albertsons, most gas stations, and even Target and Nordstrom! 
How do I do start with Scrip?
The PTSA sends home a scrip order form (with a partial list of retailers) approximately four times a year: the beginning of the year, before the winter holiday break (in time for teacher gifts!), before Spring Break (plan ahead for your vacation plans), and before the end of the year (teacher gifts again!). You can place your order on the form and return it with a check, or pay online via this website.
Alternatively, you can order and use scrip anytime by registering and placing your orders online at You can buy and reload (environmentally friendly!) gift cards and also pay directly from your checking account. The Spiritridge enrollment code is BB9169BF7956
Once you've sent your order form in, or ordered online, your Scrip (gift cards) comes within a couple of days.  It gets delivered to you via your child's teacher, unless you make other arrangements with the Scrip coordinator.  It's a super easy, and surprisingly quick, way to earn money for Spiritridge without changing much in your daily routine, except for buying your gift cards from Scrip instead of the store.  Contact with any questions.