Multicultural Night 2016 
Academic Challenge Paper doll Project

Due Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2016 

·         Multi-Culture Night Academic Challenge Requirements 

1.      There are two parts to this year’s Academic Challenge, both need to be  placed unstapled in one clear plastic sleeve with each side facing out and put in the Academic Challenge box at the front desk no later than noon on Tuesday March 29th. Student name, teacher and grade should be clearly listed on both pages. Properly completed projects will be displayed the evening of Friday, April 15th in the MPR.

2.      This project must show at least TWO hours of effort to be displayed at the Multicultural Night event at Spiritridge and to receive Academic Challenge credit.  

Template for both parts of the project are located here .  There will also be hard copies available at the front desk at school.

Project Requirements

1.      Start by choosing a country with a traditional costume.  Your child may choose his/her own cultural background or select another country of interest.  Please note that we keep records of the country that each student selects each year and that this year’s choice must be a different country than that chosen in previous years.

1. Paper Doll
Costume: Be creative! Use the internet, books, costume dolls or photographs to draw your ideas from. Use colored pencils, crayons, markers, or “dress” the doll with colored paper, patterned scrapbooking paper, fabric, yarn, paper doilies (the edges makes great “lace”), buttons, ribbons, sequins, lace, glitter glue, die-cut shapes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, tulle, etc.  Any added decorations or accessories should be in keeping with the costume of that country and should be securely glued on. 
Draw the design of the country’s flag as accurately as possible and color it in with the correct color scheme.
 In the doll’s other (empty) hand, add a prop.  For example, the national bird, flower, fruit, vegetable, a symbol of significance, a fan, or a famous food or treat would be appropriate The prop can be drawn onto the paper directly or drawn onto a separate piece of paper and glued on.  A photo or actual sample, if small enough and not perishable, would also suffice if it can be placed over the empty hand.

2. Cultural Information 
To receive credit for the Academic Challenge, Kindergarteners – 2nd Graders should fill in the first half of the requested information about their chosen country.  These students have the option to complete the second half of the page.  Students in Grades 3 -5 should complete the entire form for Academic Challenge credit in their own handwriting.  Answers may be brief, but must be answered in full. 

Please contact Ratna at or Sheryl at with any additional questions you may have.